In today’s business world succeeding as a business is not a small feat. We need to overcome significant challenges to generate enough revenue to be sustainable. We need to constantly work toward improvement since to only react is not the right solution. We must find ways to shape the business world, be in front of it, and lead. To be ahead of the game, efficiency is key. We cannot afford to lose any time.

With this in mind, SerialTrading was founded in 2018 by a group of engineers and business analysts who believed in the power of innovative thinking to make a difference in business workflows. By bringing together suppliers and customers from around the world, aims to help businesses take one step further toward optimal efficiency.

Our Mission

Our mission is:

  • Assisting companies with their supply needs by providing them flexibility in sourcing, competitive prices, and time efficiency.
  • Continually improving our platform and building our skills and knowledge to meet the growing and diverse needs of the market.
  • Helping both sellers and buyers expand their networks through an innovative, easy-to-use platform.

Our Vision

Our vision is:

  • Being a globally reputable company known for excellence in service and innovative solutions.
  • Being the best choice for companies for sourcing raw materials.
  • Being admired for transparency and ethical business values.