How can we prepare an effective B2B sales presentation? The first step is to know who the decision makers are.

In a B2B sales context, generally, you can expect one or more of the 4 types of buyers:

1.    Management buyer
They usually look for the best in class. They think what their competitors are using. They think high level. They only care about three things: how to increase revenue, reduce cost, and expand market share. 
They want to know how your product or service will help them make more money, how it will help them reduce costs or how it will help them expand their market share. They look for the long-term benefits of your product or service. 
And again, one of the things that you have to be prepared to answer is what their competitors are using. So that’s the management buyer. It’s usually a CEO, CMO and sometimes it may be a chief operating officer. 

2.    User buyer
The user buyer is a key player although they may not have a title. They want to know one thing: “Is this better?” and “How is this better than what we’re using now?” and “How is this going to make my life easier?” 
Generally, they don’t care about the cost or what the competition is using.

3.    Technical buyer
They’re mostly concerned about the technical aspects of the actual product. They want to know: “Is this compatible with our current operating system?”, “Is it upgradable?”, “Can I add other features to it”, “Is it reliable?” and “What is it going to take to integrate it into our system?”. 
They need to know what the impacts are going to be on the workers, users, and the general workflow. Training, service and maintenance contracts are also their concerns.

4.    Economic buyer
They’re concerned about price but they also want to know the value. They want to know if this is a fair price. They want to be able to compare what your competitors are offering in the market. You have to be able to answer such questions. 
Price is always an issue but you can overcome it if you can position your value. Remember the statement: 


They also want to know the break-even point, the ROI, and the total cost of ownership. Economic buyers know that price is what you pay one time but total cost is what you pay over time. 

How to prepare for these 4 types of buyers:

  1. Make a list of which of these decision makers are typically in the room when you’re presenting.
  2. For each type of buyer, you need to list out why they would buy.
  3. For each type of buyer, you need to list out why they wouldn’t buy (block the objections)


By Ali Reza Yazdian - Global Marketing Manager of

Adopted from Victor Antonio's Sales Influence podcast series